Air Fayre and JetBlue Expands Business Partnership

September 2014

Air Fayre and JetBlue Airways first formed its business partnership in 2012 when Air Fayre was awarded JetBlue’s provisioning business at Long Beach Airport, one of the airline’s hub cities. Earlier this year, Air Fayre was awarded the catering contract at LAX just in time for the launch of JetBlue’s premium Mint service which showcases the airline’s take on a new way to fly,offering a unique tapas-style dining experience.

“With the launch of our much anticipated Mint service out of LAX, we chose Air Fayre to help us deliver this stunning product to our customers. Not only does Air Fayre provide quality products onboard the aircraft for this service, but we have come to rely on their expertise in delivering this level of service with our existing EatUp Café items,” said Ossie David Jr., JetBlue Ground Services System Manager.

To promote and celebrate the launch of Mint, JetBlue held a special public event at the landmark Los Angeles outdoor mall, The Grove. In the course of the successful four-day event, Air Fayre provided over 26,000 food and beverage tastings to the public, including JetBlue’s signature “RefreshMint” pre-departure beverage.

Further expanding the business partnership, Air Fayre also designed JetBlue’s special meals for the Mint service which has been well received by Mint passengers.

“We have been a supplier for JetBlue for nearly two years now and are proud that JetBlue has recognized the Air Fayre team for its dedication and execution in exceeding the airline’s requirements and designing of the special meal program. Our team works very hard every day to ensure that JetBlue continues to be recognized as one of the world’s top quality carriers,” said Joe Golio, President and CEO at Air Fayre.

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